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#第五人格 #제5인격 #アイデンティティV #identityv #GEISHAGAMING #identityvnew #identityvnewhunter #identityvnightwatch #identityVTestServer #identityvlore

第五人格,제5인격,アイデンティティV ,identityv ,GEISHAGAMING ,identityvnew ,identityvnewhunter ,identityvnightwatch, identiryvtesterver identityvlore

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GEISHAGAMING · 2023年2月18日 1:09 AM

(Edited) Anyway for some players that talking about “skills have no cost” button, please see this video
On test server mobile version, that button seems like inactive, which is weird, well I’m not NetEase so I don’t know why it is different than in PC version. Maybe in the future they gonna change it.

Hi all, for everyone that joining the sudden stream, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Like I said since beginning of the stream that it is the very 1st test to play him on Test Server, so obviously not like my previous Guide video or anything la that is more details and precise, because I’m testing out this new hunter together on this stream not showing Tips or Guide, I also wanna know how his skill works, like the range, the cool down, the hitbox range either normal and charge attack, etc.

I shared some animation by request on this stream too like the animation on roller coaster, sliding, tram, getting hit by tram, climbing on the golden cave, swing on darkwoods and using the train cart on the golden cave haha

So yeah thanks once again for coming and see you again!

whisperedcares · 2023年2月18日 1:09 AM

Excited to play not excited to face XD

nurse :) · 2023年2月18日 1:09 AM

Oh nooo i missed ;(((

FrostRaf · 2023年2月18日 1:09 AM

Ka geisha buat Livestream di channel Indo dong ak agak kurang paham bahasa inggris wkkw

Kenneth Lim · 2023年2月18日 1:09 AM

Seems similar to Clerk in terms of interference… Oh no I’m gonna be bad with him

lavender · 2023年2月18日 1:09 AM

Lavender: I have? Half use my data is very laggy I have go to house and I’m late full! *Sigh*

TARØGAMES · 2023年2月18日 1:09 AM

He’s going to be like Clerk and gets nerfed before his release



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